Results for New London-Waterford Speedbowl on Wednesday night

WATERFORD — It was a lap that Cameron Liebel will never forget. The final lap of the 25-lap X-Car feature started with Liebel in second place, but it ended with Liebel finishing ahead of Christian Herman by a mere 0,031 on a wild final lap to rack up his first Speedbowl win to highlight the Wild and Wacky Wednesday race program at the New London Waterford Speedbowl.
It looked like Liebel was in control for the first 23 laps, but a caution forced a two-lap dash for the dollars.
Herman, who lined up on the outside, got the jump on the restart and maintained a slim lead until the final lap. There was contact coming out of turn 3 and Liebel was able to grab a breathtaking win, winning by about the length of a molecule.
“It feels good to get a win,” Liebel said, who had three X-Car Top 3 finishes this year before collecting his first victory
Point leader Sam Mesick, meanwhile, won the X-Car feature that was postponed from June 30.
Other wins went to Ed Ryan Jr. in the Super X-Cars, Richie Helger Jr. in the Bandoleros, Jacob Burns in the Legend Cars and Ben Levangie in the K&H Dumpster American Vintage Modified Tour.
Liebel’s nail-biter wasn’t the closest finish of the night. Burns edged Devin Deshaies by 0.004 in a 20-lap Legends photo finish.
“It was great racing,” said Burns, who grabbed his third win of the year. ‘My car wasn’t handling, so I used more brake to get control of the car.
Deshaies took the lead on lap 8, but couldn’t prevent Burns’ mad rush to the finish.
Ed Ryan Jr., the defending champ in the Super X-Car champ, ended a two-race dry spell by grabbing his third win of the year.
“On every corner, the car was doing something different,” Ryan said. “I was able to keep the car inside for the final five laps and I kept the lead. We got lucky.”
Dominic Abbatiello moved into second, but didn’t have enough voltage to get by Ryan.
The last time Richie Helger was at the Speedbowl on June 30, he crashed early in the race.
His luck took a 180-degree detour Wednesday — he led every lap of the 20-lap Bandolero feature. Milania Shilosky moved into second but could get no close than 0.4 of the lead.
“It’s just great coming back from a bad week,” Helger Jr. said. “It’s amazing how great the car was.
The night started with a comeback when Mesick recovered from a first-lap crash to post his third win of the year.
“My car has been tight all year,” Mesick said. “But after that contact, the car loosened up. It was a rocket ship. I guess I should thank the person who hit me.”
Liebel finished second, but his most impressive run was yet to come.
Levangie won his second straight Vintage Modified race and now has the points lead with two races remaining.
25-lap X-Car (Makeup) 1. 1 Sam Mesick, East Lyme; 2. Cameron Liebal, Oakdale; 3. Tim Burgess, Norwich; 4. Victoria Finkbein; Manchester; 5. Dylan Cabral, Waterford; 6. Chuck MaDonald, Groton; 7. Jason Sechrist, Gales Ferry; 8. Christian Herman, North Branford; 9. Robert Carlson, Cromwell; 10. Kaylee Symonds, Andover.
25-lap X Car 2: 1. Cameron Liebel, Oakdale,; 2. Christian Herman; North Branford; 3. Tim Burgess, Norwich; 4. Sam Mesick, East Lyme; 5. Chuck McDonald, Groton; 6. Jason Sechrist, Gales Ferry; 7. William Lauber, West Haven; 8. CP Burdick, Deep River; 9. Robert Carlson, Cromwell; 10. Dylan Cabral, Waterford.
25-lap Super X Car: 1. Ed Ryan, Preston; 2. Dominic Abbatiello, North Branford; 3. Dave Yardley, Kensington; 4. Bill Porter, Canterbury; 5. William Rheaume, Uncasville; 6. Devon Tate, Preston; 7. Jeremy Washburn, Willimantic; 8. Mitch Bombard, Willimantic; 9. Ben Pollard, Oakdale; 10, Ray Phillips, Canterbury.
20-lap Legends: 1. Jacob Burns, Bristol RI: 2. Devin Deshaies, Oakland, RI; 3. Zachary Martinez, North Kingston RI; 4. PJ Evans, Uncasville; 5. Isaiah Newcomb, Plymouth, Mass. ; ; 6. Paul Newcomb, Plymouth; 7. Dennis Pantani, Branford; 8. Colin Volpe, Blue Point, NY.’ 9. Brody Monahan; Waterford; 10. Joel Newcomb, Plymouth, Mass.
20-lap Bandolero: 1. Richie Helger Jr. Tiverton, RI; 2. Milania Shilosky, Colchester; 3. Joel Newcomb, Plymouth; 4. Nicholas Chaber Jr., Cumberland RI; 5. Jase Mongeon, Charlton, Mass.; 6. Brad Strickland, Uncasville; 7. Allyha Desomma, Richmond RI: 8. Ethan Dion, Oakdale; 9. Trenton Starkweather, Chaplin; 10, Colin Floyd, North Kingston RI.
Source: Matt Buckle/Waterford Speedbowl PR

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