Starlite Racing League Launches Global Search for the Best Sim Racers

2 June 2021, Singapore – Starlite Racing League, an  immersive sim racing league from Sirius Play studio has launched a global search for sim drivers who can participate in its virtual championship race.

Starlite is looking to attract 36 SIM drivers that can virtually race  from Africa to Asia up until the end destination in North America. The entire race covers 2,000 Km.

According to Chad Lau, Founder, Starlite Racing League, qualifications include professional experience as pro sim race driver and must be willing to participate in a ‘try out’ to see if they have the potential.

For those interested to be part of Starlite Racing league, you may send your inquiries at

Starlite is poised to be a global federation of sim drivers who can race and outrank each other. There will be 20 global races pegged like a “Grands Prix” for every season apart from the local championship races. The results of each race are evaluated using a points system to determine the “World champion” of the season.

To make this possible, Starlite Racing League is building licensing clubs for simulators worldwide where racers can go, train and participate in local championships.

Apart from players, Starlite Racing League aims to bring their audience into a loud, intense, and unforgettable virtual world that allows them to race in three continents. Using the most advanced racing simulators, Starlite Racing League is poised to be the fastest racing game in existence, by reaching the speed of sound.

Starlite Racing League offers a combination of perception-based G-forces, an immersive cockpit view, and the hyperreality of a first person crash dynamic while utilizing the full power of an unreal engine.

Starlite Racing League will deliver an unforgettable experience through their advanced realistic graphics. A custom simulation in the pipeline will give players the most realistic and optimized racing experience, comparable to watching Formula-1 live.

About Starlite Racing League

Starlite Racing League is a sim-racing league competing with the likes of Formula E and Formula 1. Starlite offers an intense experience of racing a car on the edge of control, from the driver’s perspective through the combination of perception based G-forces. The hyperreality of the cockpit view and brutal experience of a first person crash dynamic sets a new standard.

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