The Latest News From Maine’s Oxford Plains Speedway…

Check out the latest news and results from Maine’s Oxford Plains Speedway…

SATURDAY, MAY 8th – 4:00 PM

PITS OPEN @ 11:45 AM  – PIT FEE: $30

GRANDSTANDS – Adult: $14
Senior & Military: $12
Junior (6-12): $5 – 5 & under FREE


OPS Saturday, May 8th Event Schedule

Spencer Paving Group Super Late Models (50 Laps): 1. 23 Dave Farrington Jr., Sabattus, 2. 7g Curtis Gerry, Waterboro, 3. 1 Kyle Desouza, Auburn, 4. 8 Calvin Rose Jr., Turner, 5. 12 Dennis Spencer, Oxford, 6. 03 Scott Moore, Anson, 7. 61 TJ Brackett, Buckfield, 8. 53 Alan Wilson, Hebron, 9. 02 Brian Whalley, Laconia, NH, 10. 1c Billy Childs, Leeds, 11. 29L Ryan Littlefield, Dayton, 12. 3c Josh Childs, Minot, 13. 60 Tim Brackett, Buckfield, 14. 63 Kyle Salemi, Nashua, NH, 15. 24 Mike Rowe, Turner, 16. 20 Richie Brown, Wentworth, NH
Farrington Wins His First
OPS Race of the Season
OXFORD — Dave Farrington Jr. of Sabattus dominated the Spencer Paving Group Super Late Model feature to win his first feature of the season. The reigning OPS Champion led all 50 laps.

Kyle Glover of Oxford led all 15 laps of the Aroma Joe’s Figure 8s to pick up his first win of the season. Mark Turner of Norway finished in 2nd with Dale Lawrence of Minot finishing behind him in 3rd.

Maddy Herrick of Otisfield won her 2nd ATA Piping Inc. Rookies 2021 feature. Herrick took the lead on lap 2 and led the rest of the 15 laps. Samuel Wardwell of Cape Elizabeth finished in 2nd with Karson Hewins of Oxford taking home 3rd place.

Alex Mowatt of Norway won his 2nd Cooley’s Commercial Tires Bandits feature of the season. Jeff Libby took the early lead and led the first 2 laps before Mowatt passed him on lap 4 for the lead. Libby fell to 2nd with Brandon Caston behind him in 3rd. Unfortunately Caston was soon after black flagged for a dragging exhaust pipe. Caston came back out but went laps down. Caleb Proctor took over 3rd place. Jeff Libby of Auburn had to settle for 2nd place while Caleb Proctor of Casco finished in 3rd.

Shawn Knight of South Paris topped the field in the Limited Late Models to win his first 2021 feature. Knight took the early lead and led all 30 laps. Jordan Russell raced up the outside and took over 2nd place from Kenny Harrison on lap 9. Jordan Russell of Norway finished in 2nd with Kenny Harrsion of Durham rounding out the top 3.

Dave Farrington Jr. took the early lead in the Super Late Models with Kyle Desouza and Calvin Rose Jr. chasing him down. Farrington pulled away and could not be caught. Curtis Gerry made his way through the field and took over 3rd on lap 31 before taking over 2nd the following lap. Gerry of Waterboro was hot on Farrington’s tail towards the end of the race but had to settle for 2nd. Kyle Desouza of Auburn took home a 3rd place finish.

The Oxford Championship Series continues next Saturday on May 8th at 4:00 PM with the PASS MODS joining the field for the night.

Limited Late Models (30 Laps): 1. 25 Shawn Knight, South Paris, 2. 4 Jordan Russell, Norway, 3. 85 Kenny Harrison, Durham, 4. 36 Richard Spaulding, Lisbon, 5. 00 Chad Wills, Oxford, 6.07 Rick Thompson, Casco, 7. 8 Owen Stuart, Naples, 8. 64 Skip Stanley, Oxford
Cooley’s Commercial Tire Bandits (20 laps): 1. 11 Alex Mowatt, Norway, 2. 44 Jeff Libby, Auburn, 3. 04 Caleb Proctor, Casco, 4. 53 Nick Wilson, Oxford, 5. 3 Eric Parlin, Oxford, 6. 52 Keegan Leighton, 7. 21 Ralph Green, Auburn, 8. 55 Dean Jordan, 9.42 Josh Lovell, Oxford, 10. 14 Brandon Caston, Casco
ATA Piping Inc Rookies (15 laps): 1. 95 Maddy Herrick, Otisfield, 2. 19 Samuel Wardwell, Cape Elizabeth, 3. 51 Karson Hewins, Oxford, 4. 4 Cody Macomber, Greene, 5. 09 Jeremy Turner, South Paris, 6. 58 Liz Newton, Bridgton, 7. 2 Keyra Robertson, Greene
Aroma Joes Figure 8s (20 laps): 1. 07 Kyle Glover, Oxford, 2. 4 Mark Turner, Norway, 3. 2 Dale Lawrence, Minot, 4. 97 Eric Hodgkins, 5. 41 Greg Durgin, 6. 00 Larry Lizotte, Poland, 7. 64 Dale Durgin, 8. 19 Jeffery Heaward, 9. 17 Jeffery Card
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