Corey LaJoie Breaks Down On-Track Incident With Chase Elliott in NASCAR Race at Daytona Road Course

At the Daytona road course race last weekend, Chase Elliott and Corey LaJoie got involved in a late incident. This ended up costing Elliott dearly and making him miss out on a road course win. Recently, LaJoie spoke about the incident from his perspective.

He joked that he may have to upgrade his security system to protect him from crazy Chase Elliott fans. This is because they would most likely come after him, especially after what happened last weekend.

LaJoie said“I’ve got one eye on my mirror. My back mirror, looking at somebody on my right rear corner, because I’m on top of 3. Next thing I know, I look out of the left window and the #9 car is like Baja dune buggying it through the grass.”

What else did LaJoie say about the Chase Elliott incident?

According to LaJoie’s testimony, he had no idea that Elliott was on his left. As a result, the #9 car came out as the loser in that situation, as he lost track position and the caution came out. Obviously, Chase Elliott would have been fuming, but Corey Lajoie still insisted that he was unsighted.

Corey LaJoie during the NASCAR Cup Series
FONTANA, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 28: Corey LaJoie, driver of the #32 Pala Casino Ford, prepares for practice at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

Then came a slightly scary moment when they went wheel-to-wheel. At this point, the Spire Motorsports driver did not know whether Elliott would shove him into the wall. So, he had a plan to take the left side at the kink, allowing the Hendrick Motorsports car to take the right.

So, while he stuck to the left, Elliott tried to attack on the left side. One thing led to another and Chase Elliott ended up shoving LaJoie into the wall. On the bright side, the car was still running, but it severely compromised his race.

On a parting note, Corey LaJoie admitted that when he ‘zigged’, Elliott also zigged, when he should have ‘zagged.’ Of course, that is all part and parcel of racing. So, all they can do is look ahead to the next race and try again.

By Dhruv George

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