Over the 28-year history of the popular Long Island Daytona 500 Party hosts Bob Finan & Stephen Halpin have incurred a few obstacles along the way including the inclement New York winter weather or weather delays at the Daytona 500. With the Covid 19 worldwide pandemic still in effect the duo wondered about the logistics of hosting the 29th annual Daytona 500 Party in 2021. Those concerns were put to rest over the weekend when Stephen Halpin finalized plans with The All Star of Riverhead to host the 2021 L.I. Daytona 500 Party with free admission for guests.

“The All Star of Riverhead makes perfect sense on a couple of fronts” Halpin revealed, “their restaurant and bar area are beyond spacious and even with the 50% capacity restrictions mandated by New York State we can have as many as 105 guests enjoy the race”. Addressing other Covid 19 restrictions that might impact the bash Halpin furthered, “it won’t be any different than when you go to your local diner or pub, you must wear a mask to enter The All Star and wear that face covering when you stand up from your chair or table”. Stephen added, “while there will be restrictions in place not having the party was never an option, we just had to find a facility large enough to continue it in in a safe and conforming environment”.

“This year more than ever guests are going to feel like they are at Daytona 500 while watching the race at the Long Island Daytona 500 Party” Bob Finan projected, “one wall that is a huge TV screen made possible by combing sixteen 55″ TV’S together with 15 other big screen TV’S available for guests to enjoy from the comfort of stadium style seating”. As for food and drink The All Star will offer numerous drink specials during the afternoon with some delicious items available from their race day menu.

Several long-standing traditions will remain intact at the 2021 Long Island Daytona 500 Party including a “Super Bowl” style race pool hosted by CJ Lehmann & Kyle Halpin with one lucky winner going home with a large flat screen TV. Tim Halpin as he has for 28 years will again coordinate the Daytona 500 pools where guests draw 2 starters in the race for $10 with the pool winner netting $200. A 50/50 raffle and other raffles will also be part of the fun.

The Daytona 500 is slated to start at 2:30 pm with doors opening at 12 noon at The All Star of Riverhead to start the various race pools and raffles. The All Star is located at 96 Main Road (Route 58), Riverhead, NY 11901.

(By Bob Finan)

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