Racing On Hold (The Phone)?!?!

Sports in general, and NASCAR in particular, is not exempt from COVID-19 spreading across the globe. Social distancing won’t work when stands are full of people sitting hip to hip. Well, OK, hip to hip isn’t at every track these days.

It probably is possible to sit 6 feet apart at many tracks these days. But drivers, their families and crew members have to work close together during the week and especially on race day. Staying 6 feet apart on a pit crew isn’t easy and would certainly mess with the carefully choreographed pit service. Teams work in the garages getting the cars ready each week work in close, indoor proximity to each other. Fans getting into the tracks will be close together in spite of being able to sit apart in the stands.

Postponing the season, even temporarily, is in the best interest of public health for all involved. While most people may be OK, who wants to sit next to “that guy” who decides the race is more important than keeping you from passing on a deadly illness to grandma.

With what we see going on right now, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the season actually get shortened ahead of the playoffs. Or — wait for it — cancelled entirely. Frankly, unless the virus peaks I don’t know what is gained by going racing in May vs. today. I would be very surprised if restrictions are lifted nationwide by May, although I certainly hope so. Now that I see that in writing, man I sure hope so. But we should prepare ourselves for a cancelled season or a much shortened season ahead of the playoffs. And that goes for MLB and potentially the NFL.

In the lieu of racing, priority one we should be that we all take care of ourselves and our families. Don’t be “that guy” if you think you may be ill. Stay home for a few days to make sure you have nothing more than a cold. If you are unsure and over 60 or have complications, many clinics offer an online evaluation you can take to see if you need a drive up test. Those test results take up to 72 hours, so you could be fine now but show symptoms in 3 days. So the test would be out of date by the time you get the results.

So – what are you doing now? Baking? Working on your own car? Playing games with the family? Spending more time on social media (that cesspool…)? Are you still working? What is that like for you? Do you need help? Let us all know what you are doing to pass the time!

Stay frosty folks and this too shall pass.  Let’s know what you have going on!

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