Ford vs. Glickenhaus Baja 1000 Short Film

Racing the the Baja 1000 was the adventure of a lifetime. This short film shares that adventure. We look forward to returning for more racing, and we hope our film inspires people to explore the Baja, and join us for our next race. Enjoy.

Glickenhaus Baja Short Film Part 1 of 2

Glickenhaus Baja Short Film Part 2 of 2

Why we race

Some people race for ego, revenge, or because the suits upstairs decided racing was a good idea.

Not us.

We race because we love racing. We race because we love adventure and challenge. We race because racing provides the most extreme design and engineering challenges for our vehicles.

We race, because it helps us develop incredible road cars, test them in the most extreme environments, and incorporate the lessons from racing into our road cars. It also enables us prove that we can run a bone stock GM naturally aspirated V8 LT1 Corvette Engine in an extreme 800+ mile race for 34 hours straight, and it will run like a champion without burning a quart of oil. Here are several reviews of the Boot that agree it is, indeed, special.

“one of the best cars we’ve ever driven“ TopGear, 2020

“The experience behind the wheel of this reborn desert racer is all kinds of awesome.“ Car and Driver, 2019

“And despite being 2,517kg, it’s surprisingly agile and adjustable. As soon as you strap in, it’s like you’re docked directly in the chassis and become part of the machine. A well-set-up car means you don’t need to think; it becomes intrinsic, natural and telepathic in its communication.“ TopGear, 2020

Some people would sit back after leaving the competition 220 miles in the dust and be content. Not us. We ask what lessons we can learn, and how we can improve.

Racing gives us feedback that we can use to continuously improve our vehicles. In our post race tear down and analysis, we discovered several design elements with room for improvement, and we have changed our customer vehicles to incorporate these advances. Our Boot was different, better, at the end of the race than at the beginning. And our Boot will be even stronger when we enter into the 2020 Baja 1000.

We look forward to more off-road racing adventures. Maybe someday you will join us.

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